K-3337, Battle of Carthage State Park.

Today was a good day. The afternoon was sunny and warm for a March day. The thought and then finally the motivation to gather my gear, which consisted of my trusty Xiegu G90, my Wolf River Coils TIA, and my heavy SLA battery. Off we went for a short drive down the the closest park and set up for my first activation.

The Rock Bluffs
The Park Meadow

The park would be the Battle of Carthage park. Here is a little information for the Mo State parks website about the park. Here is the web site for it.


The Battle of Carthage was the earliest full-scale battle of the Civil War, preceding Bull Run by 11 days. Battle of Carthage State Historic Site contains a quiet meadow and the spring that made the area an encampment for both the Union and Confederate troops during the battle. The area is little changed in its appearance since the battle was fought on July 5, 1861. A few minutes off of Interstate 44, the site interprets the battle that set the stage for a decisive showdown a month later at Wilson’s Creek

The day started out pretty nice. It was sunny out and the temperature by the time we got to the park was about 63 degrees. We sat our station on the picnic table. My wife helped me get everything situated. She also monitored the little G90 as we tuned the Wolf River coils Antenna. Took a few minutes and we had 7.293 MHz tuned up. I started calling CQ. My first contact was a park-to-park contact with K4EES. He was located at park K-1042 Gulf State Park in Alabama. Next a contact in Iowa then Massachusetts and they kept coming.

The temperature started to take a drop and the wind kicked up. We decided to take a break and relocate the station inside the the Jeep to get away from the wind. After our relocation I tuned to 7.274 MHz and started calling CQ again. AA5UZ answered my call. Then another call from Minnesota, Tennessee, and Louisiana.

We operated for just over and hour. The battery was dwindling it’s charge and the answers to my CQ didn’t come as fast as they had before. We decided to shut down the station at the park. For my first activation I was able to log twenty contacts in to the log book. I’d have to say when I started I was not really sure if I would get the required ten I needed to make the activation official. Thanks to all chasers and the P2P that helped me go beyond that. Not sure where we are head from here, but we are absolutely sure we will find our next park and will be calling CQ CQ Parks on the Air. Until then KE0FQS 73 QRT.