This page will kind of describe what I use for my activations. Along with the description I will give a little review about the items. The equipment that I use for these activations is somewhat small and portable, I will be building as I go


So for my radio I use a Xiegu G90. This little radio weighs in at just under five pounds. It’s a 20 watt software defined radio. It can operate bands from 160 meters to 10 maters. I has a built in tuner.This little radio has done more then I could imagine. And it has taught me a little too. My first radio was an Icom IC-718, still have that radio, it was 100 watts. I thought you had to have as much as possible to be out on the air waves. I was always thinking and daydreaming about getting they 1000 watt station so I could be heard even better.

My Wife and kids surprised me with this little radio for Father’s day. I was excited about it, who wouldn’t be, but wasn’t really sure if the little 20 watts that it had would do anything or get me out there anywhere. Boy was I surprised!

This contact was made with the G90 and HFedz endfed antenna with 88ft over wire
this contact was made with the G90 and the Wolf River Coils TIA vertical antenna.


As far as antennas that I use I have two main ones. My first one that use is the HFedz random length End-fed. This is a small light end fed antenna that can handle up to 200 watt and has 88 feet of wire attached. The first photo was one of the contacts I had made wot